Jill Off

Own your body. Love your body.

“Don’t knock masturbation,” Alvy Singer had famously sniped at Annie Hall. “It’s sex with someone I love.”

There is a reason vibrators were invented by psychiatrists as a tool to ‘cure’ hysteria – its because your sexual health impacts your overall physical AND mental health. Sometimes if someone is just wound too tight they just need to get laid (be it by themselves or alone)

Don’t rely on a partner to make you feel good – because you’ll never have truly great sex until you take your sexuality, your pleasure into your own hands. Literally.

Also – the better you know your body the easier you will be able to tell if something is ‘off’ – and Im not talking just about STIs and other infections down-there. Often if the state of your vagina changes to something that is not the norm – it means something in your body is out of balance. Feeling like the Sahara Dessert all of a sudden? Your body could be overly stressed, hitting menopause, illness or multiple other things. So pay attention to your vag and she will have your back…or er…front.

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December 8, 2011 · 1:45 am

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