Stuck In A Sexual Rut?

Now normally I wouldn’t suggest ANYTHING cosmo says to do to ‘spice up’ your sex life. Ex. “Just as your man is about to blow – stick your finger in his bum without warning or consent!”  This was in one of my cosmos (almost word for word – I think they used ‘as a suprise’ instead of ‘without warning or consent’ but that just drives my point home).

My point being – cosmo sucks. Their suggestions are what THEY decide your sexuality should be. But some of their stuff is too tame for some, too risque for others. So heres my suggestion that always applies: Stuck in a rut? Try something different.

Try something different. Thats it.

Doing something different doesn’t mean leaving your comfort zone, or breaking someones boundries. It just means toe-ing the line a little bit…

Do it with the lights on. Do it with the lights off and the drapes open. Have silent sex. Don’t use your hands. Watch  porn. Leave something on in bed. Have a quickie. Handcuffs. Toys. Roleplaying. Pegging. Etc.

See? Lots of things that are pretty tame all the way up to things that are for the more adventurous.

So, check out these articles. But don’t take them verbatim. Its cosmos definition what sexuality should be – not yours. So let it be inspiration.

Only way to get out of a rut is change. It won’t happen by itself either – so be assertive.

Happy sexin’ – with yourself or with a partner of course 😉

I’ll be testing out each of cosmo’s ‘challenges’ in the near future and blogging about it.

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