What is Not So Simple Sexuality?

Sexuality, can be one of the most complicated things in the world. What works for some doesn’t work for others. Now toss in politics and religion into the mix and you get a very skewed view of what is ‘normal’ and expected out of your sexuality. Not So Simple Sexuality is here to ask questions, push boundaries and most importantly – have a public, open and non-judgemental conversation about what sexuality means in our society, and what it means to each individual.

This blog features a wide variety of topics based around sexuality such as: gender, orientation, masturbation, safe sex, healthy realtionships and boundaries, communication, sex and technology, reproductive rights and more.

It features product reviews, Q&A, recent news and educational pieces.

About The Author

I’ve always had a fascination with sexuality and communication. The two truly go hand in hand and when I realised that people from all generations, all walks of life, all genders are struggling with what sexuality means to them and how to communicate this to their partner(s) I decided to shift my dreams from becoming a High School teacher to instead an Educator/Therapist of Sexuality. Now I have goals to become a Sex Educator & Therapist in the near future, teaching communication and sexuality classes to teens, adults and couples. In addition I will be opening my own practice where I will address various sexuality based concerns with patients, as well as providing a boutique type adult store of luxury and body-friendly adult items such safe sex barrier methods, lube, female-friendly pornography, toys, as well as items to support the LGBTQ community.

In terms of myself as a person, I’ve always been very open about sexuality and confident discussing it in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere where everyone can feel safe to share. I truly believe that sexual health is just as important as physical and mental health. I want to create an environment where people can feel comfortable sharing, learning and hopefully discovering something more about sexuality that could lead them to being comfortable and confident with their sexual identity.




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